With the increase in data breaches, scams, and hackers obtaining information, it is important to keep your personal information safe. Banks across the region have been seeing an increase in fraudulent checks and activity on various accounts and credit cards. Please be protective of your account information and accepting checks from acquaintances or companies with whom you are not familiar! Below are some helpful tips to protect yourself and your account information:


  1. Be wary if someone calls you unexpectedly regarding your personal information; ask for their name and a call-back number. If it is legitimate, there should be no reason they would not oblige. Know whom you are dealing with!
  2. Do not always believe your caller I.D. Scammers have become sophisticated so much so that the number calling you may appear to be a phone number you recognize.
  3. Be aware of any unsolicited emails offering quick and easy cash. If you were not expecting an email from an individual, do not click on any links or send any personal information.
  4. Be wary of anyone asking you to wire money or to deposit checks and letting them know when funds will be available. Do not hesitate to ask your banker about checks before depositing them! We are here to help you!
  5. Be cautious of the various sweepstakes/lottery scams going around. You may receive a notification about winning a sweepstakes or contest, which you did not enter. The scammers will send you checks to deposit, and ask you to wire money. Scammers may also ask you for your account information to deposit your “winnings.”
  6. Talk to your friends and family. Scammers want you to make quick decisions and make deposits quickly. Talk to someone you trust.

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