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The North Side Bank and Trust Company

In 1888, two men who foresaw the needs of “Greater Cumminsville” conceived the idea of establishing an institution to aid the local merchants. This was the beginning of The North Side Bank, the oldest and largest in Cumminsville. Messrs. George L. Thomson and Walter S. Titus, President and Cashier respectively, were the founders, opening for business in the Masonic Temple Building at Hamilton Avenue and Palm Street.

Business was good from the beginning, and in November 1891 The North Side Bank was incorporated under the laws of Ohio with a capital of $25,000. More than 120 years later, the capital has increased manifold to support assets in excess of 738 million.

Meanwhile Cumminsville grew, business grew, and The North Side Bank grew. The service it gave became a necessity to the progressive merchants and tradesmen. Deposits and assets increased from year to year; and in 1902 business warranted doubling the capital stock. 1903 also marked big progress in the erection of a three-story building on the west side of Hamilton Avenue, opposite the first place of business. This building is still home of Cumminsville’s first bank, although it has been expanded several times and modified to two stories.

Successful years of business followed the occupation at the new home, and the Savings Department was established in 1912. The Trust Department was established in 1928.

Because our customer base was expanding, we opened our Finneytown office in 1962 and in 1968 we opened our Colerain office. At that time, Colerain Avenue was only two lanes and the only business north of us was a gasoline station at Colerain Avenue and Springdale. In 1998, we added our Blue Ash office, and to start the new millennium we opened Delhi in February 2000. Our West Chester office opened in 2003, and the Springdale office in 2004. Our most recent additions are Hyde Park/Oakley, “The Pointe,” which opened in 2014, and Mt. Adams in 2016.

The North Side Bank and Trust Company has seen 7 presidents since George L. Thomson. Clifford H. Coors became President in 1962 and retired from presidency in 1990. He served as Chairman of the Board until his passing in 2016. Raymond B. Coors Jr., MD succeeds him as Chairman of the Board. Jack Coors has served as President/CEO since 1995.

Raymond B. Coors Jr., MD

Chairman of the Board

Jack Coors


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