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Online Banking

Sign up for Internet Banking to access your account with ease. Transfer funds between accounts, conduct external transfers, pay bills electronically, make stop payments, initiate wires, and receive your statements electronically.

Cash Management

NSBT offers a convenient and affordable online tool to help manage your accounts payable and receivable, while also helping reduce potential fraud. No matter the size of your organization, if you accept or issue payment electronically, then Cash Management is for you!

Cash Management allows organizations to originate ACH transactions, initiate wires online, and check reconciliation all through internet banking. Speak to a banker today to learn how to make Cash Management work for you!

Remote Deposit Capture

No more rushing to the bank to make deposits – purchase a scanner and start making deposits right from your place of business! We have low or high volume scanners to best suit your needs.

Business Mobile Deposit

Always on the go or have people in the field? Download our Business Mobile app and use your iPhone or Android devices to deposit checks wherever you are by taking a picture of the front and back of the checks.

Sweep Accounts

The Sweep Account is linked to your Commercial Checking Account. Nightly transfers of excess funds from your checking into a Sweep Investment Account allow idle account funds to earn interest. If the Commercial Checking Account were to fall below minimum balance requirements, the funds would transfer from the Sweep Investment Account to meet the requirement.

ACH Alert 

ACH Alert combines ACH Positive Pay and Check Positive Pay. ACH Positive Pay allows users to monitor and reject ACH debits, while Check Positive Pay helps reduce potential check fraud, giving business customers the opportunity to accept or return items.

Linking Commercial Checking Accounts to your NSBT Line of Credit 

Your commercial checking account can be linked to your North Side Bank Line of Credit. Nightly transfers of excess funds can be swept to pay any balance owed on your Line of Credit first. If there is no outstanding balance on the Line of Credit, the excess funds will be deposited into a Sweep Investment Account where it can earn interest until it is needed. If your Commercial Checking Account were to go below minimum balance requirements, the funds would come from your Sweep Investment Account first. If all investment funds are depleted, the funds will transfer from the Line of Credit. 

Merchant Processing 

As an added feature to having your commercial accounts with NSBT, we will assist you in setting up a Merchant Processing Account for your business. By setting up Merchant Processing, you can accept payments from anyone with a credit or debit card. 

Lockbox Processing 

NSBT will process your accounts receivable according to your specifications. Your customers mail their payments directly to a P.O. box in your name operated by NSBT. This speeds up funds availability and reduces your mail, making your check processing hassle-free!


Contact one of our Commercial Loan Officers at (513) 542-7800 or speak with any of our Branch Managers for more information.
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