Commercial Savings Accounts

For your business’ excess funds or emergency funds.

Commercial Savings Account

Image of North Side Bank Vault

    • $100.00 minimum balance to open
    • $150.00 minimum balance required
    • Quarterly statements
    • $8.00 quarterly maintenance service charge if minimum balance not met

Time Deposits

We offer a variety of terms with competitive rates.

    • $500.00 minimum balance to open for terms of one year or longer
    • $1,000.00 minimum balance to open for terms of less than a year
    • Interest compounded monthly
    • Monthly interest checks or transfer of interest available
    • Penalty for early withdrawal
*Remember high APY on your funds plus the security of FDIC backing your investment.

Important information concerning your account and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act
The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act prohibits any person engaged in the business of betting or wagering (as defined in the Act) from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in unlawful Internet gambling. Such transactions are termed “restricted transactions.” The Act generally defines “unlawful Internet gambling” as placing, receiving, or otherwise knowingly transmitting a bet or wager by any means which involves the use, at least in part, of the Internet where such bet or wager is unlawful under any applicable Federal or State law in the State or Tribal lands in which the bet or wager is initiated, received, or otherwise made. Therefore, please be advised that your business/organization is prohibited from engaging in any restricted transaction(s) using any account(s) that you maintain with the North Side Bank & Trust Company.