As we become more and more dependent on technology, the threat to our systems keeps evolving. In the past, simple viruses attacked vulnerable PCs, now, new threats have emerged that utilize wireless technology to infiltrate and take control of devices across an organization.  Smart phones have become a popular conduit to such threats.  As a result, every employee must assume more responsibility in protecting our organization and our customers from these outside threats.

And so, the question becomes – What can organizations do to empower and guide individuals in supporting organizational security in this era of increased digital dependency?

We will provide training to help you recognize and deal with these threats. In this first course, you will find a series of videos brought to you by  AdobeNational Cyber Security Alliance, and Speechless.  These videos take a witty and fun approach to security awareness, insomuch that the viewer isn’t watching only to be trained, but also to be entertained. The result is security education in a light-hearted way that is key to engagement. In addition, the videos are bite size in length, so they easily fit into busy schedules. Finally, the characters are made to be relatable.  

The North Side Bank & Trust Company is committed to protecting our customers’ information.  Every one of us plays a critical role in accomplishing this mission.