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Tips to Protect Your Personal Information and Prevent Fraud on Your Account – July 2019


With the increase in data breaches, scams, and hackers obtaining information, it is very important to keep your personal information safe. Banks across the region have been seeing an increase in fraudulent checks and activity on various accounts and credit cards. Please be diligent in regards to your account information and accepting checks from acquaintances or companies you are unfamiliar with! Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself and your account information:

  1. If someone calls you unexpectedly regarding personal information, ask for their name and a call back number. If it is legitimate, there should be no reason they would not oblige. Know who you are dealing with!
  2. Do not always believe your caller I.D. Scammers have become sophisticated to where the number calling you may appear to be a phone number you recognize.
  3. Be aware of any unsolicited emails offering quick and easy cash. If you were not expecting an email from an individual, do not click on any links or send any personal information.
  4. Be wary of anyone asking you to wire money or depositing checks and letting them know when funds will be available. Do not hesitate to ask your banker about checks before depositing them! We are here to help you!
  5. Be cautious of the various sweepstakes/lottery scams going around. You may receive a notification of winning a sweepstakes or contest, of which you may not have entered. The scammers will send you checks to deposit, and ask you to wire money. Scammers may also ask you for your account information to deposit your “winnings.”
  6. Talk to your friends and family. Scammers want you to make quick decisions and make deposits quickly. Talk to someone you trust.

World Password Day: 5 Tips to Stay Hack-free – May 2019

5 Tips to Stay Hack-free

May 2nd is World Password Day and we have some helpful tips to share with you for your digital security. We all know it can get hectic, we’re forgetful at times, and cannot remember our passwords. With today’s world becoming more digital and virtualized we are using more and more passwords every day. One of the most common ways hackers break into our computers is by guessing passwords. Simple and commonly used passwords enable intruders to easily gain access and control of a computer device. Here are some tips that can help you stay hack-free!

Do Not Use Personal Information

You should never use personal information as a part of your password. There are many programs now that can create a combination of your available personal information on social media to crack your passwords. It is just a matter of time until one of these programs get the right combination and access your account. Examples of personal information: first name, last name, date of birth, dog’s name, etc.

Go Random!

If you are interested in picking a really strong password, the best thing you can do is pick random words that have nothing to do with you personally. You can also generate something totally random by using a password generator. Password Generator from LastPass.

Skip Paper for Your Passwords

Even good passwords can become bad passwords if they are written down on a piece of paper or sticky note under your keyboard or at your desk somewhere. Implementing a software management solution limits the number of people who have access to your passwords, decreasing the risk of being hacked.

Use a Password Management Tool

A password manager will save you a lot of time dealing and getting frustrated with passwords, freeing up brain power to do actual work rather than trying to remember your passwords.

According to an often-quoted study by LastPass, The average user has 213 online accounts, so it’s no wonder people reuse passwords. LastPass can help you generate random passwords, remember them and autofill them in your account fields when needed.

You can also use biometric tools such as Samsung Pass for storing and managing passwords on your smartphone. Samsung Pass allows you to replace your access IDs and passwords with your biometrics. People forget passwords, but they can’t forget their biometrics, so this is a great tool as well.

Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

A two-factor authentication system (aka 2FA) is a security method that requires two different ways of proving your identity. It works as a second layer of security in case someone gets ahold of your password. While two-factor authentication doesn’t mean your accounts are immune to attacks, it does make your accounts more resilient as a hacker needs to crack more than a simple password.

Here are some of the best two-factor authentication apps that you can use:


Written by: Will Batshoun, North Side Bank & Trust Co Network Administrator

No Closing Costs on Home Improvement or Home Equity Loans – April 2019

Right now, North Side Bank & Trust is waiving all standard closing costs* on Home Improvement loans, Hamilton County’s Home Improvement Program (HIP) loans, Home Equity term loans, and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)!

Visit any location to see how we can help you finance your next home project or call us at (513) 542-7800.

*HELOCs may be subject to a 3-year early termination fee of $500.00.

No Closing Costs on HI/HE Loans

Go Green with NSBT! – February 2019

There are several benefits to receiving your account statements electronically and utilizing internet banking.

You lessen your risk for mail fraud and identity theft. You can view your statements and transaction history from anywhere with your laptop or mobile device. You also help us reduce our carbon footprint one statement at a time!

Contact your local bank representative today or call us at (513) 853-5353 for internet banking assistance.


Go Paperless

NSBT at Cincinnati Home + Garden Show at Duke Energy Convention Center – February/March 2019

In case you missed us at the last show, NSBT will be in booth 507 at the Cincinnati Home + Garden show. The show will be February 23-24, and February 28-March 3.

This is the 50th anniversary of the Home + Garden Show, and North Side Bank & Trust will be the official bag sponsor, so make sure to come check us out along with hundreds of other exhibitors!

If you’re considering updating your home or have home project ideas, then you don’t want to miss this show!

Click here for $3 off your admission ticket!

H&G Show Promo

UPDATE: SHOW HAS ENDED – NSBT at Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo at the Sharonville Convention Center – January 2019

As a preferred customer of North Side Bank & Trust Company, you are invited to visit us at the 2019 Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo, January 18-20 & 25-27 at the Sharonville Convention Center, and we’d like to offer you and a guest free admission!

If you are thinking about updating your home or are interested in seeing the latest home improvement trends, products and services, then this is a can’t-miss event. See what is new in home and garden design, chat with the experts and collect ideas for your home. Make sure to stop by our booth and say hello!

Simply CLICK HERE to print your two free tickets to the event!  OR inquire today on how we can help you finance that next home improvement project!

NSBT Bankers Graduate from Ohio Bankers League’s Bank Management School – 10.9.18

Congratulations to our very own Brittney McDonald and Uriah Bisson on their Ohio Bankers League’s Bank Management School graduation! The Bank Management School is a week-long bank simulation designed to expose future banking leaders to changing markets and the economy.

BMS 2018

Congratulations to the Mentor Program 2018 Graduating Class – 9.19.18

A big congratulations to this year’s graduating class! The bank’s Mentor Program challenges mentors and mentees to step outside of their comfort zones, develop personally and professionally, and dive deeper into financial education and the various departments in the bank, as well as participating in a self-organized volunteer project.

Mentor Program Y3

NSBT’s Mentor Program Lend Helping Hands at Stepping Stones – 7.3.2018

As part of our Mentor Program, mentees are challenged with a volunteer project to work with an organization in our local community. This year mentees are working with Stepping Stones, a non-profit helping those with disabilities to help improve their lives and gain independence. The NSBT mentees volunteered at Stepping Stones’ Independence Day celebration where they helped with set up and the games and activities for the day.

Stepping Stones

Community Clean Up – 6.9.2018

NSBT cares about our local communities so we rolled up our sleeves and mulched the Jacob Hoffner Park right here in Northside next to our main branch. Thank you Cincinnati Parks for keeping our parks beautiful day in and day out!

Hoffner Park Clean Up Hoffner Park Clean Up2 Hoffner Park Clean Up3

Another set of NSBT Leaders Graduate from Ohio Banker League’s Bank Leadership Institute – 5.10.2018

A big congratulations to Andrew Gray, Blue Ash Assistant Branch Manager, and Brianne Mullenger, West Chester Assistant Branch Manager, on their recent BLI graduation! BLI is a year-long program focused on leadership skills development. Andrew and Brianne were among 25 Ohio bankers participating in the Bank Leadership Institute led by George Paidas, a strategic planning, coaching and leadership consultant. Congratulations Andrew and Brianne!

BLI 2017-2018

Front row, 4th from the left: Brianne Mullenger; Back row, 2nd from the left: Andrew Gray

New Friday Drive- thru Hours at the Northside & Finneytown Branches – 4.25.2018 

The Main Office in Northside as well as the Finneytown Office will close on Fridays at 6:00pm starting Friday, May 18, 2018.

NSBT Bankers in Washington D.C. – 3.3.2018

This past week President/CEO Jack Coors, Andrew, Brianne, and Brittney were among the 100 bankers in D.C. with Ohio Bankers League advocating on the hill for community banks and our loyal customers.


Welcome Home Program – 3.2.2018

UPDATE: Grants have ended as of May 1, 2018. North Side Bank & Trust is once again participating in the Welcome Home Program offering grants up to $5,000, which may be applied towards buyers’ down payments and/or closing costs. Contact Cheryl Geiger or Linda Boiman at 513.542.7800 today! The grants are offered on a first-come, first-served basis so act now!


Welcome Home Program grant

NSBT at Cincinnati Home & Garden Show – 1.30.2018

North Side Bank & Trust Co. is Hamilton County’s EXCLUSIVE Home Improvement Program (HIP) loan lender! If you live in Hamilton County and are thinking about repairing or remodeling your home then inquire at any of our locations to learn more about this amazing opportunity to finally get the DIY project finished with a LOW rate! Visit us at the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show at booth 507 at the Duke Energy Convention Center February 24-25 and March 1-4!

H&G Show 2018 HIP Loan

New Visa Credit Card Statements – 9.19.2017

NSBT Visa Credit Card customers, be on the lookout for your new statements! Statements now come in a standard sized envelope, with white paper as opposed to the previous blue/purple paper. If you have any questions, please call your local branch and we can assist you!

Cyber Security for Bank Customers, a NSBT Sponsored Event – 9.13.2017

Are you interested in learning more about how you can protect your accounts from hackers and data breaches? At a time when cybercriminals are more prevalent, it is crucial to become more knowledgeable on how to safeguard your personal information, and your loved ones.

There will be a complimentary session and panel speakers with extensive experience. Tony Ferguson, Vice President of SBS CyberSecurity, Anil Patel, Assistant Attorney General in the Consumer Protection Section of the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Office, and Jessica Stall, Cyber Analyst in the Cyber and Privacy Unit of the Consumer Protection Section of the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Office, will be available before and after the event.

Join us next Wednesday, September 20, 2017 from 6-8pm at the Sharonville Convention Center

11355 Chester Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

Cyber Road Show 2017

NSBT Bankers Attend Ohio Bankers League’s 5th Annual Next Gen Conference – 6.12.2017

OBL’s Next Gen Conference brings together bright, young banking leaders from Ohio for learning and networking opportunities. The conference focuses on leading with purpose, business development, productivity, as well as an executive panel q & a.

Next Gen Conference 2017

NSBT Future Leaders Graduate from Ohio Bankers League’s Bank Leadership Institute – 5.10.2017

Brittney McDonald, West Chester Senior Branch Officer, and Brandy Sasser, Colerain New Accounts Representative, were among 24 bankers from across Ohio who recently graduated from the 2016-2017 Bank Leadership Institute at Ohio Bankers League. The program consists of 4 sessions concentrating on leadership development skills, coaching, mentoring, and more.

Congratulations Brittney and Brandy!

BLI McDonald   BLI Sasser

Left: George Paidas (BLI Instructor), Brittney McDonald, Mike Adelman (OBL President & CEO)

Right: George Paidas, Brandy Sasser, Mike Adelman

Bankers Attend Ohio Bankers League’s Day at the Capitol – 4.27.2017

Bankers Jessica, Jeremy, Lisa, and Brittney (not pictured below) attended the OBL’s Day at the Capitol on Tuesday, April 25th, to advocate for financial institutions to state representatives and senators at the Ohio Statehouse.


Updates to Internet Banking – 11.21.2016

An exciting and enhanced Digital Banking experience is coming in December 2016!

Great news! In a couple of weeks, Internet Banking is getting a makeover with a fresh, new look and feel. We’re updating our website to make it even easier and more convenient for you to interact with your finances. You don’t have to do a thing except continue to enjoy the great Digital Banking experience you’ve come to expect from us. See some of the changes taking place and the new look below.

  • Snapshot tab is replaced with the HOME tab – which also replaces the Account Summary page
  • Payments tab is relabeled “Bill & Payments”
  • Notify Me Alerts tab is replaced with the new Alerts menu in the Welcome Center
  • Messages tab is replaced with the new Messages menu in the Welcome Center
  • User Services tab is replaced by the link under the Welcome Center nickname drop down (All Services & Settings) or the Contact Us link going to the All Services & Setting page (the existing User Services page)

Organizes accounts into 1 of 3 groupings:

  • Money I Can Spend
  • Money I Owe
  • Money I’m Saving


IB Update 11.21.2016

A Letter from our Vice Chairman and President/CEO – 11.8.2016

Dear Customer,

As most of you are aware, Clifford Coors, passed away on Friday, October 21, 2016. He served as President/CEO from 1962 until 1990. At that point, he remained at the helm of North Side Bank and Trust as Chairman of the Board until his death. He was the “face of North Side Bank”. He will be greatly missed by customers and employees alike.

North Side Bank is preparing to celebrate its 125th year. We were established in 1891 and opened our doors for business in 1892. Generations of customers have come through our doors. What were fledgling companies are now 3rd and 4th generation success stories. Hundreds, if not thousands, of employees have made North Side Bank their career.

2016 looks to be a near record-breaking year for the bank. With the history of success we have exhibited and enjoyed, we wanted to assure you that we plan on continuing our tradition. It is “business-as-usual” in Northside.

If you have any questions or wish to meet personally, please give us a call at (513) 542-7800.



Raymond B. Coors, Jr., M.D.

Vice Chairman of the Board


John A. Coors


Clifford H. Coors – 10.27.2016

The North Side Bank & Trust family is deeply saddened to announce the passing of our beloved Chairman Clifford H. Coors. Mr. Coors passed away Friday, October 21, 2016 at the age of 96. Gone, but not forgotten. Read about his legacy here.

North Side Bank to Offer Same Day ACH – 10.4.2016

On September 23rd, the Federal Reserve introduced Same Day ACH. North Side Bank will be adopting this feature in early 2017, for now we are able to receive same day credits. If you are a Cash Management customer, or would like more information contact our ACH Coordinator.

North Side Bankers Giving Back to our Community! – 9.24.2016 

North Side Bank employees were able to give back to their community by volunteering to clean up, weed, and plant at Jergens Park at Bruce and Hamilton Avenue on Saturday, September 24th. To see photos, visit our Facebook page! Link at the top of the page.

Mt. Adams Branch Now Open! – 7.11.2016

North Side Bank’s newest branch in Mt. Adams is now open! We opened on July 5, 2016 with an incredibly successful first week! Stop by to open a new account with us on the hill!

New Branch Opening Soon! – 6.8.2016

We are opening a new office in Mt. Adams this summer! Located at 1111 St. Gregory Street, across the street from United Dairy Farmers.

We are also excited to announce that Sandy Zimmerman is joining the North Side Bank family as manager of this new office. Sandy opened this office 20 years ago for the Westwood Homestead Savings and Loan Association, and has managed it ever since under various bank ownerships. Joining her is the former Assistant Branch Manager of our West Chester office, Gina Truong, as the Assistant Branch Manager for the new branch.

As we celebrate our 125th year as an independent Cincinnati bank, we are pleased to bring community banking back to “the hill” and surrounding neighborhoods!

North Side Bank Baking for a Cause – 5.18.2016

For the last month, North Side Bank has been raising money to contribute to the Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis walk, taking place Saturday, May 21st at Sawyer Point. All donations will go to Emmy’s Miles of Smiles team. To learn more, read our article on here.

Minor Internet Banking Changes – 4.13.2016

Starting April 17, 2016, you may notice some minor changes in Internet Banking. The Accounts, Payments, Messages and User Services menus will change order. As stated before, these changes will be very minor and should not affect your banking.

 Internet Banking Enhancements – 3.16.2016

We are thrilled to announce beginning March 20, 2016, our Internet Banking will have an updated look and feel! Functionality will remain the same, nothing is required on your part except to continue using Internet Banking. The updated design will help make it easier and more convenient for you to maintain your accounts.

 We’re Halfway Through Tax Season! – 3.7.2016

Have you filed your tax returns yet? If not, make sure you sign up to get your tax return deposited directly into your account – it’s safer, more secure, and faster! You’ll need our routing number (042000550) and your account number. Avoid waiting for a check and sign up for direct deposit. For more information, visit the IRS’ website here.

 It’s Tax Season Again! – 2.15.2016

In preparation of tax season, please stay informed of potential fraud and scams by visiting the IRS‘ website to stay up-to-date on the latest schemes. It’s that time of year where imposters will try to steal your identity or act as a tax collector to scare you into sending them money. Protect your identity and tax refund this year!

New Chip Technology – 1.25.2016

Within the next few months, North Side Bank debit and credit card holders will be reissued a new card with chip technology. The new chip creates a more secure transaction each time the card is used with a chip terminal, generating a one-time code that enhances your security and protection.

How do you use it? Insert the card, chip end first, into the chip terminal and follow the prompts on the screen – easy as that! If retailers have not made the transition to chip terminals, continue to swipe your card per usual. Chip technology will not decrease the risk of fraud for online purchases. To help, never save your card number in a retailer’s browser.

At North Side Bank, we are constantly working to improve our customers’ security and protection. Stay tuned for more updates.

 NSBT at The Pointe!

The newest branch of North Side Bank & Trust, The Pointe, opened its doors on December 29, 2014. The Pointe offers free Wi-Fi and a complimentary coffee bar with an inviting open floor plan.

There’s meeting space available, whether you’re meeting a friend or holding a business meeting, as well as occasional events, such as fitness classes, wine tastings, and/or cooking demonstrations – during and after business hours.

Stop in today for a free latte and to find out more about the special events we’ll be holding! We’re at the corner of Madison and Edwards Road in Hyde Park Center, in front of Bonefish Grill.

Upgrading Internet Banking

North Side Bank & Trust is pleased to announce the unveiling of our newly designed company website, upgraded Internet Banking services and our mobile banking application! These latest upgrades to,  internet banking, and our mobile app for Android and Apple devices premiered on November 17th, 2014.

Debuting new designs

The homepage of has a modern design and an incorporation of photographs taken within NSBT. NSBT’s homepage features drop down menus in the gray navigation bar making navigating the website a one-click wonder.

What changes are happening to Internet Banking?

NSBT has switched Internet Banking platforms in order to bring Mobile Banking to our customers. Internet Banking will still offer the same services however it will be more user-friendly and will offer more account data and additional services for your accounts.   Perks of this new platform include a Mobile Banking application and Personal Financial Manager services.

What is Personal Financial Manager?

PFM for short, enables users to aggregate all of their accounts, even ones outside of NSBT. Tracking credit card balances, loan payments, and checking account balances becomes one step with this program. PFM includes graphs to help visualize financial goals, a debt management feature, and expense tracking. As a bonus, it is only one step to access with no extra passwords and usernames needed. Simply log into NSBT’s internet banking and seamlessly enter PFM once you have initially enrolled.

Introducing Mobile Banking

From NSBT’s mobile banking app customers will be able to effortlessly transfer funds from accounts, view a transaction history, check account balances, as well as locate and get directions to ATMs within NSBT’s network. The app will debut in Google Marketplace and Apple App Store for both phones and tablets. To enroll in mobile banking, go to the “User Services” tab through Internet Banking and click on “Mobile Enrollment”.

 Home Improvement Time!

If you are like many homeowners, you know that now may not be the best time to sell.  Or maybe, you want to renovate your home but can’t find the money in your budget.  Don’t fret, we can help! 

The North Side Bank and Trust Company is one of only two banks offering Hamilton County Home Improvement (HIP) Loans.  If you’re thinking about home improvements (or need to replace your roof, windows, or furnace/air conditioner) and live in Hamilton County, consider this great program.  HIP loans are priced well below our already low home improvement loan rates!  Please call us at (513) 542-7800 and ask to speak to a consumer loan officer.  We’ll tailor an affordable program just for you!

 E-Statements: Going Green

North Side Green isn’t just a color, it’s a goal too.  North Side Bank’s easy and efficient online statements allow you to cut the clutter and waste, while helping us keep our environment clean. 

To sign up go to your Internet Banking account and review the disclosure under Service>Electronic Statement.  Select the accounts you want to enroll in E-Statements and let us do the rest.  After you sign up, you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail for the accounts that you enrolled for Electronic Statements. 

By reviewing your statement online, you can save your statements and check copies to your computer and print only what you need.  Sign up today and help us cut down on paper waste and create a sustainable future.