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Mortgage Loans

Whether you are purchasing your home or refinancing your current mortgage, several options are available.

We have great rates and flexible terms on both fixed and adjustable rate loans. Inquire today about our low closing costs and competitive rates!

Affordable Housing Program

Our Affordable Housing Program, also known as the North Side Homeownership Program, is designed to provide alternatives for low to moderate income borrowers.

Loans have fixed rates and require a minimum of 5% down. Grants may be available to assist with down payments and closing costs.

Construction Loan

If you plan to build your own home, we can finance each phase of the process. Our knowledgeable loan officers can lock in a great rate for either 6 or 9 months during the construction phase. After completion, we can easily modify your loan to permanent financing with great terms, (Owner – occupied single family only).

Personal/Consumer Loans

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Homeowners like you can use the equity in your home for repairs or remodels! Take advantage of the equity in your home to finance a new project, go on that vacation you’ve always wanted, or simply to consolidate higher interest rate debt. Our HELOC offers easy access to your money combined with great rates.

Home Equity Term Loan

Similar to the Home Equity Line of Credit, but if you prefer the security of a fixed rate and the comfort of predictable payments, consider a Home Equity Term Loan.

Hamilton County's Home Improvement Program (HIP)

Hamilton County’s Home Improvement Program (HIP) is a joint initiative of the Hamilton County Commissioners and the Hamilton County Treasurer. The HIP loan allows property owners in Hamilton County communities, with the exception of Milford and Arlington Heights, to borrow money to repair or remodel their properties with interest rates below the lowest rate a bank would typically offer.

HIP loans are for new projects only, previously completed or financed projects do not qualify. Eligible projects for the HIP loan are, but not limited to: repair/remodel bathrooms, ceilings & walls, exterior upgrades, kitchen remodels, landscaping, energy efficiency improvements, room additions, etc.

At the moment, North Side Bank & Trust Company is the ONLY bank in Hamilton County offering the HIP loan. Applicants must reside in Hamilton County, but inquire at any of our locations.

Home Improvement Loan

Don’t live in Hamilton County, but still interested in improving your home? We’ve got you covered with the NSBT Home Improvement loan! The Home Improvement loan is for new home projects, excluding luxury additions and appliances. To find out if your project is eligible contact your local branch today!

Car/Motorcycle/RV Loans

There is no time like the present to reward yourself with the thrill of a new car, boat, or RV. Why not take advantage of your good credit and make a new investment with us? We offer competitive rates and terms to meet your needs.

Loan Advantage

Never pay high overdraft fees again. Our unique Loan Advantage product provides overdraft protection for your checking account using a line of credit to sweep funds over to ensure your payments go through.

Credit Cards

We offer two credit cards: Visa Classic and Visa Platinum. Our Visa Classic is our most popular credit card with a competitive interest rate tied to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. The Visa Platinum is for our qualified customers, with a minimum limit of $5,000.

EMV chip technology for added security.  No annual fee on either credit card.

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